Our concept

Bakery & Pastry Shop

Come and visit our bakery and pastry shop in the Brugmann district. We offer you tasty products of artisanal quality made on a daily basis. Come and discover our tasty pies and pastries but also our delicious cakes for your breakfasts!

After having worked for many years in different establishments in Brussels, Mr. Saveur Naturelle decided to launch this bakery/patisserie highlighting the richness of natural and local Belgian products.

Together with his team of experienced bakers, he has managed to do this for more than 2 years, as proven by the growing popularity of the bakery.

In addition to its breads, some of which are organically grown, and fresh and natural pastries, the bakery offers a variety of other local products made by artisans from all over Belgium, such as natural apple juice from Liège and honey from the Beersel region.

Come and discover our products on the spot, you won't be disappointed!